Q: What's your mailing address? Phone number? Email Address?
We're at:
Goner Records
2152 Young Ave
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 722-0095

Q: I just placed an order. When will I get my stuff?
A: If you're in the US and choose media mail, the package could arrive anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks from your ordering time. We process orders as fast as we can- we're mailorder customers, too, and we know how important it is to get your stuff asap. If you are in a hurry, choose Priority Mail. Your package should arrive in 3-5 days.

You'll receive updates as to the status of your order - when it was packed, when it was shipped. Domestic packages are shipped with Delivery Confirmation.

Foreign orders - we no longer have the option of surface mail, so they're shipped First Class International if they're under 4 pounds, or Priority International if they weigh more. Delivery times will vary - anywhere from 6 days to a month or more. If your package gets hung up in customs, it will take longer for your stuff to arrive.

ALSO: WE CAN NO LONGER SHIP TO FOREIGN PO BOXES. Our shipping program won't allow it. To avoid delays in shipping your order, please provide an alternative address to ship to.

Q: What's this about Free Shipping?
A: If you are shipping within the United States, all orders over $100 ship free. This is Media Mail shipping. Choose the "Free Shipping" button on checkout.

If you need or want other shipping methods, please check the appropriate button (Priority, Overnight, UPS, etc).

Free Shipping For T-Shirts

For the US, our t-shirts/sweatshirts/hoodies are shipped free. The shipping is included in the cost. Too many people were ordering these with other items that could be shipped Media Mail and sorting it all out was a hassle. Now, hopefully, this will keep the items that can go media mail together and the shirts and other non-media items can ship separately.

Unfortunately, this occasionally screws up our Non-US customers pretty good. Contact us if you seem to have a problem ordering shirts, shot glasses, coozies, hoodies, or other non-lp items. We'll make it all work out fine.

Q: I'm ordering from overseas and the shipping seems really high. What's up with that?

A: Our cart estimates shipping by the number of items plus packaging materials. Sometimes the result is too high. We attempt to refund the difference between the actual price and the cart's estimate. We're not here to make money off of fake shipping charges.

Of course, sometimes it really does cost that much to ship your box. Shipping costs keep rising.

Q: What happens when Goner is out of one or more of the items I've ordered?

A: We do our best to keep our online inventory accurate, but discrepancies occur. We will notify you of whatever we are out of. If it seems like a substantial chunk out of your order, we will hold the order and await further instructions. If we're missing one item out of many we will usually ship the remainder and refund your paypal account or not charge your credit card for the missing items.

Q: What Credit Cards can I use?

A: Goner takes VISA & Mastercard. When an order is placed, approval for the amount is secured, but your card will not be charged until we ship the items. So, before you are charged, we can refund money for missing items or shipping miscalculations.

Q: What does "Save For Later" mean?

A: If you're logged in, you can save that item so that it will be there when you next log in & you don't have to remember which Dead Moon album - or whatever - you were thinking about buying. Note: This does not hold the item for you. If the item is out of stock when you come back, it will not be available to buy.

Q: I placed an order XX/XX/XXXX and it hasn't arrived yet. It's been weeks. Help!

A: Mail is a funny thing. In the US, Media Mail can take a while. Overseas orders can get hung up in customs for weeks. If you think your order is long overdue, please shoot us an email at Gonershop@gmail.com or call 901-722-0095 from noon-7pm Central time and we'll sort it out.

Q: My package arrived looking like a Mack Truck ran it over! What should I do?

A: Shipping records is inherently risky. We pack the records, cds, and cassettes leaving Goner to arrive safely at their destination. Inevitably, however, packages are damaged in transit. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by the US Postal Service. Insurance on your order is strongly encouraged and can be added upon request. Damaged boxes should be refused when they arrive. We will replace damaged items once they have returned to Goner.

Q: Are you going to get more of (Insert great record or cd here)?

A: Maybe! Email us & let us know you're looking for it. Otherwise we'll never know anyone wants it!

Q: How come some items don't have pictures or a description?

A: We try to get images and descriptions for all our items but sometimes in our hustle and flow we can't er done.