Various Artists - Kinshasha 1978 featuring Konono no 1

Various Artists - Kinshasha 1978 featuring Konono no 1

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Remix of original Ocora lp of music in Zaire recorded in 1978, featuring the bonkers car horn jammers Konono no 1!


Back in 1978, Bernard Treton recorded four 'tradi-modern' bands in Kinshasa. These sessions spawned the "Zaïre: Musiques Urbaines à Kinshasa" album (released in 1986 by the Ocora label), a record which, for the first time, presented to Western audiences the electrifying music which was later to be known as "Congotronics".

This new, twofold album comprises 80 minutes worth of previously-unreleased original recordings made during these 1978 sessions, as well as brand-new reconstructions made by Martin Meissonnier, the highly-respected French producer who worked with the likes of Fela Kuti, Haruomi Hosono & many more, and who has recently resumed his DJ activities.

The album comes as a vinyl LP with the Martin Meissonnier reconstructions, while the previously-unreleased recordings from 1978 appear on a CD which is enclosed in the vinyl cover.

A1 Sankayi Il Ne Faut Pas Intervenir
Remix – Martin Meissonnier
A2 Konono Nº1 Roots of K
Remix – Martin Meissonnier
B1 Orchestre Bambala Animation Kifuti
Remix – Martin Meissonnier
B2 Orchestre Bana Luya Animation
Remix – Martin Meissonnier