V/A - Jerk Boom! Bam!: Volume 7

V/A - Jerk Boom! Bam!: Volume 7

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Slamma! Jamma!


A1 Little Betty Twistin School
A2 El Pauling Please Please Be Mine
A3 The Twilighters (18) Live Like A King
A4 The Rollers (5) Troubles

A5 The Atlantics (2) Tracy
A6 Junior Lewis (4) Tears On My Face
A7 Preacher Stephens Mary
A8 Marie Adams That's The Way To Get Along
B1 The Grandisons All Right
B2 Dorothy Berry & Jimmy Norman I'm With You All The Way
B3 Inuz Moore If It Ain't One Thing It's Another
B4 The Wild Ones (9) A Little Bit Of Soul
B5 Barbara Lynn You Can't Buy My Love
B6 Billy Emerson Every Woman I Know
B7 Eddie Lang (2) Something Within Me
B8 Bobby Williams (25) My Baby Cries