V/A - If You Gotta Go-Go, Go-Go Now; A Tribute to the Go-Go's

V/A - If You Gotta Go-Go, Go-Go Now; A Tribute to the Go-Go's

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I’m California born and bred…I grew up in Los Angeles…Among the other cultural revolutions my birthplace offered it was the land of amazing music with legendary style and unending innovation…It often seemed the radio was my only friend…That was ok, it was a good friend…I was completely entranced by the music that KRLA, KFWB and KHJ had to offer…When I was old enough to see bands live I did, but when Punk Rock began to slither out of The Masque and other seedy little clubs my life really came alive

The GO-GO’s were there near the beginning…From the very start they were instantly identifiable and gloriously just a little out of step...They indeed had a unique vision…They may’ve had Punk Rock hearts, but they were decidedly pop-driven…I was fortunate to see them very early on and I watched them evolve into the band that would soon brighten the airwaves and charm the pants off the entire world…They had everything...

Along with others who were passionate about and closely followed our local music scene I was completely infatuated with The GO-GO's...

Their groundbreaking album, Beauty and the Beat was released in 1981…Every track was a treasure, a mini teen drama immediately appealing, relatable and memorable...It finally claimed the number one spot on the Billboard chart and stayed there for six weeks and eventually went double platinum...The GO-GO's were the first all-female band to write their own songs and play their own instruments to achieve that massive distinction…The GO-GO’s quickly proved to be an invaluable blueprint and an undeniable inspiration for like-minded girls and they spearheaded a deluge of hopeful girl bands...Pretty much any successful female artist of the past 40 years will swiftly cite The GO-GO's as an important influence...So here I am four decades after their arrival releasing a tribute album to the girls who conquered a male dominated industry and essentially changed everything while successfully rewriting the rule book…I’ve never lost my admiration and undying appreciation for The GO-GO’s and my hope is that they will continue to keep go-going for a long long time yet to come…Ironically “If You Gotta GO-GO, GO-GO Now" coincides with their long overdue induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!! 

Included in the line-up are a few familiar names and others you'll likely be hearing for the first time…They have all been recorded with immense love for The GO-GO’s from as far away as Netherlands and Japan…I’ve been working on this release for two years with the rather amazing Travis Ramin and tirelessly he has helped turn it into an impressive reality…Thank you to all the artists for their inspired and spirited contributions…In my wildest dreams I never suspected it could be this great…I am confidant that those who are blessed to discover this collection will love it as I do and will recognize it as a wonderful and heartfelt salute honoring the brilliantly talented and ever-lovely GO-GO’s…LONG MAY THEY GO-GO-GO . . . 

- Long Gone John xx

Josie Cotton Fading Fast
Fastbacks Vacation
The Short Fuses How Much More
Mike Skill / Nikki Corvette Tonite
Jennie Vee Beatnik Beach
The Coolies (5) w/ Kathy Valentine & Clem Burke King Of Confusion
E.G. Daily We Got The Beat
Pale Lips Get Up And Go
The Tweezers (2) We Don't Get Along
Miss Marr* Worlds Away
The Heels (2) Skidmarks On My Heart
The Nutley Brass Head Over Heels
Baby Shakes This Town
The Suitesixteen Speeding
Natalie Sweet He's So Strange
The's Surfing & Spying
Tina & The Boom Booms You Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)
The Chubbies Good Girl
Hayley & The Crushers* Lust To Love
Transatlantic Bunnies The Whole World Lost Its Head
Paul Collins / Marci Marks* Our Lips Are Sealed
Juniper (13) Turn To You
Caroline* & The Yum Yums (2) Unforgiven
Holly & The Italians* Can't Stop The World