V/A - Back from the Grave: Volume 6

V/A - Back from the Grave: Volume 6

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Crazy sounds from the 60s underground. 


A1 Shames My World Is Upside Down
A2 Long John And The Silvermen Heart Filled With Love
A3 Keggs Girl
A4 Beaux Jens She Was Mine
A5 Shames Special Ones
A6 Savoys* Can It Be
A7 Ascots* So Good
A8 Barracudas (2) Baby Get Lost

B1 Golden Catalinas Varsity Club Song
B2 Billy And The Kids Say You Love Me

B3 Shandels* Caroline
B4 Shandels* Mary Mary
B5 Abandoned* Come On Mary
B6 Treytones* Nonymous
B7 Bryds* Your Lies

B8 Werps* Love's A Fire
B9 Trojans Of Evol Through The Night