V/A - Age of Worry: The Space Age Relics of Monument Records 1960-1970

V/A - Age of Worry: The Space Age Relics of Monument Records 1960-1970

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From Country-Pop to Freak-Folk...

Iron Mountain Analogue Research - "Smooth countrypolitan sides of Doom, Apocalyptic Shag-Cowpokes, anti-Vietnam War Freak-Folkies, small-town Hayseed-Vignettes, ambulance-chasing Bluegrass, red-baiting exploitation-jangle-Folk-Pop and wigged-out Nashville space-age Instrumentals – you’ll hear all that and much more on this extraordinary LP…
"Charting the tumultuous decade of 1960-1970, ‘Age Of Worry’ presents 18 somewhat nervous and seldom-heard oddities, obscurities and treasures from the depths of the Monument Records vault. Sometimes outrageous, sometimes sublime – listen to Vern Stovall lament the maudlin fate of ‘Code Alarm 7’, Rusty Draper on tortured suburban ennui and Captain Ty Herrington on emasculated masculinity.
"A spellbinding disc of Country Pop, Bluegrass, Folk and Novelty sides all touched in one way or another by Cold War tension and the changing tides of 1960s society. Many of these 45 cuts are extremely rare and are reissued here for the very first time. Somehow, somewhere…something for everyone…"

Billy Walker - Age Of Worry
Durwood Haddock - I’m Gonna Quit Thinking
Billy Graves - The Lonesome Ape
Rusty Draper - Every Man Has A Prison
Durwood Haddock - Mac The Merchant
Carl Vaughn - Love Thy Neighbor
Ray Corbin - Life Doesn’t Move Me
Tex Williams - The Night Miss Nancy Ann’s Hotel For Single Girls Burned Down
Freddie Hart And The Heartbeats – That Almighty Dollar
Jimmy Driftwood - What Is The Color Of The Soul Of A Man
Grandpa Jones & His Grandchildren - The Ladies Man
Don Reno - (My Mammy’s Miss America) My Daddy’s Uncle Sam
Vern Stovall - Code Alarm 7
Paul Clayton - Life Is A Toil
Kenny Jones - Is This The Way Of The Free?
The Charades - Left Wing Birds
Capt. Ty Herrington (U.S. Special Forces - Green Berets) - A Gun Don’t Make A Man
The Navigators - Space Coup

- Limited Edition Deluxe Gatefold LP with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia
- Full dynamic range 2020 remasters direct from the first-generation analogue master tapes
- Limited Edition 500 LPs – 250 ‘Nuclear Winter’ white vinyl / 250 ‘Failsafe’ black vinyl (randomly inserted)