Red Herrings - Zax Armoire Lp [Dotdash Sounds]

Red Herrings - Zax Armoire Lp [Dotdash Sounds]

Frais de port calculés à la caisse.

First release on Tom Dash's new DOTDASH record imprint... it's a corker. Full-on rocking, leaning into the curves, hell bent for leather.

Tom says it better...
"Zax Armoire" marks the debut LP release for Red Herrings. This newer band is a welcome addition to the well worn punk, psych, rock'n'roll scene of Western Massachusetts. Their first official release burns heavy in distorto/fuzz, punk rock action. Riff heavy, garage stomp and killer howlin' vocals jump out of the speakers. Duel guitar buzz fuses with a hard rhythm section, propelling the party. While members have been banging it out in various regional bands for years, this marks Red Herrings' first full length with more scorched sounds to come!

Shout out to fellow Western Mass outsider cosmic, punk guitar guru Anthony Pasquarosa (Gluebag, Weeping Bong Band, Burnt Envelope) for turning the label onto this band via their 2022 demos - TomDash

RIYL: Mudhoney, Dead Moon, Stooges, DMZ, Blue Cheer, Monoshock

Andrew McCarthy - Guitar
Zach Tisdell - Vocals
Girshwin Chapdelaine - Guitar
Dan Kozuch - Bass
Anthony Manganaro - Drums