Rahaan - Under The Influence Vol. 10: A Collection of Rare Funk & Disco 2XLP

13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere

13th Floor Elevators

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Double LP version. Gatefold sleeve. Z Records continues its commitment to unearthing the obscure and long forgotten tracks from the last 40 years through the ever-popular Under The Influence series.

Following on from Red Greg, Nick The Record, Sean P, Faze Action, and 2021's Alena Arpels. It's now the turn of one of the scene's most impressive collectors and DJs; Rahaan. Hailing from Chicago his love affair with muzik started in the late '70s/early '80s, listening to muzik on the radio combined with his mom and dad playing their records every weekend. In the early '80s on the South side of Chicago, he started hearing something a bit different, what they called "house muzik". A combination of disco, jazz, soul funk, new wave, and Italo disco. Here, Rahaan digs deep into his impressive record collection that he has collected, built up, and crafted over his many years of traveling, networking and DJ'ing to showcase 22 of his finest and rarest cuts. Many of the tracks on the album would cost hundreds and that's if you were even able to find the originals. As always with ZR compilations a lot of time and effort has been spent on creating these masters from the original vinyl, cleaning them up, removing all the clicks and pops resulting in the cleanest sounding copy possible.