Pere Ubu - 390 Degrees Of Simulated Sound RSD21

Pere Ubu - 390 Degrees Of Simulated Sound RSD21

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Rack it with the classic bootlegs of yore. A long lost and simply breath taking live Ubu collection culled from 1981 recordings in Cleveland, London and Brussels featuring the band’s original line up with Peter Laughner and Tim Wright.

“The lo-fi recordings almost always sounded better to us than the hi-fi recordings.” David Thomas

The sound of a band at their anarchistic and experimental best, twisting the mainstream for their own ends. A white-knuckle cascade through their formative inventiveness, a unique document, now fully remastered it includes songs from the ‘Datapanik’ EP and ‘The Modern Dance’ LP.

 “A warts ‘n’ all snapshot of their career.. Ubu’s edginess and gleeful avant-gardisms are in full effect.” AllMusic

 “Pere Ubu engineered a dauntingly seamless coupling of arty introspection and old-school garage-rock squall.” Trouser Press


1 Non-Alignment Pact
2 Street Waves
3 Real World
4 My Dark Ages
5 The Modern Dance

1 Heart of Darkness
2 Laughing
3 Can't Believe It
4 Over My Head
5 Sentimental Journey