Neos - Three Teens Hellbent on Speed
Neos - Three Teens Hellbent on Speed
Neos - Three Teens Hellbent on Speed
Neos - Three Teens Hellbent on Speed

Neos - Three Teens Hellbent on Speed

Frais de port calculés à la caisse.

Short sonic blasts of teen angst at breakneck velocity – Canada’s NEOS, from Victoria, BC, were pioneers of hyper-speed-punk at the dawn of hardcore. With profound lyrics, humour, bizarre arrangements, and general insanity, NEOS inspired thrash metal, grindcore, noisecore, and hardcore punk itself. The complete NEOS collection (1981–83) includes both rare EPs, outtakes, demos, and live cuts: 51 songs in 48 minutes from original sources, meticulously remastered. 24-pg booklet with 22,000-word bio by Steve Bailey (guitar/vocals) + lyrics, 75+ photos, posters, art and more. 1100 copies, opaque bright orange vinyl.

“Possibly the fastest thrash garage punk ever recorded” – Jeff Bale, MRR #1, 1982

“Unrelenting energy, sometimes uncontrollable, always frantic, manic thrusts of clamorous fury and power” – Pushead, MRR #4, 1983

“Amazing, original, manic, tight, intelligent (and I could go on and on)” – Tim Yohannan, MRR #4, 1983

Mick Harris from Napalm Death loved them; it’s J. Mascis favourite Canadian band; Gene Hoglan loved them; Jello Biafra loves them; Pushead was a huge fan; Tim Yohannon praised them; NOFX covered them, Charles Bronson covered them; Spazz tried to cover them but found it too difficult; the list goes on and on. When it sells out, we will repress!


A1 inTro
A2 DeSTtrUct
A3 tHey’ll deStroy tHemselves
A4 (almost) TyPIcAL, oBlIgaToRy aNtI-GOvErnMeNt SoNg
A6 WhErE DId YoU Go WrOnG???
A7 jUsT LiKe aLL The ReSt
A8 LoOK aRouNd IN dEspair
A9 coNscripTs
A11 oTher woRld
A12 OpPositIon to aLL viOlence, eveN if cOmmiTted in sElf-deFense
A13 DiE fOr ThE CaUsE
A14 rIppeD off
A15 SeXuAl ReVoLUutIoN
A16 E’s
A18 nO tyMe 4 romance
A19 LoOK aRouNd IN dEspair
A20 lIfe sEnTEnce
A21 WhErE DId YoU Go WrOnG???
A22 rAcisT aCT
A23 BoREd TO dEatH
A24 sLeevE
A25 S.I.P.
A26 teAr ourSElvES aPaRT
B1 iLlitErates
B2 faSCist RUle
B3 E’s
B4 nO tyMe 4 romance
B5 schOol pUnks
B6 kill ThE burNoUts
B7 cHuRchgoerS’ mOtive
B8 gOodbye 4 lIfe / SCareD to dIE
B9 rAcisT aCT
B10 lIfe sEnTEnce
B11 dOn't wAnt tO be
B12 nO tyMe 4 romance
B13 WhErE DId YoU Go WrOnG???
B14 DiE fOr ThE CaUsE
B15 (almost) TyPIcAL, oBlIgaToRy aNtI-GOvErnMeNt SoNg
B16 oTher woRld
B17 schOol pUnks
B18 LoOK aRouNd IN dEspair
B19 E’s
B20 DeSTtrUct
B21 rAcisT aCT
B22 lIfe sEnTEnce
B23 Crustaceous Beast
B24 A.M. Song (The Use Of Trying)
B25 sTupiD rOck BeGinniNg
B26 CAtfooD