Mahogany Brain - Smooth Sick Lights LP

Mahogany Brain - Smooth Sick Lights LP

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My six year-old and his eleven year-old brother have started trying to play instruments, and this is (instrumentally) a lot what they sound like. Really good, in other words! Free strumming, yelling, sometimes interested, sometimes just finding the way. They get there!

Zaius Tapes Says:

Mahogany Brain seemingly forged their unique audio dialect with their debut release, 'With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger) for the legendary Futura label in 1971. More Avant-Garde than Prog, it spoke to the souls of the dedicated one percenters-such as the ESP Disk set- specifically patrons of The Godz & Cromagnon. But in early 1972, Mahogany Brain recorded a follow up release even more bewildering than its predecessor, yet this sat neglected until 1976 when it was issued by the Pole label.

Titled 'Smooth Sick Lights', it's hard to know what sort of impressions it formed on anyone besides Steven Stapleton (as his NWW list is how many have been informed of it's existence). It had enough allure that the Tapioca label reissued a botched mispress in 1977, which seems to be the version that most latent hep-cats, whom knew not better, got fooled into owning.

Zaius Tapes comes to the rescue once again w/a stellar reissue of this exemplary diamond in the rough. For fans of the further out 70's French Prog, it goes beyond Red Noise & Fille Qui Mousse. You can see how the brain-beams emitted from this release were studied by Heratius & Gutura (among others). It's possible this lp even helped inform factions of the New York No Wave (member Patrick Geoffois would go on to be a member of both The Contortions & James White & The Blacks). As the bard once penned, "conjecture is nine-tenths of the truth."

RIYL; Frolk Haven, Mars, Jandek, Sproton Layer, Shaggs.

A one time pressing of 300.