Harlan T Bobo - Porch Songs LP

Harlan T Bobo - Porch Songs LP

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New from Memphis legend Harlan T Bobo!

Limited vinyl release on Light Blue vinyl.

Porch Songs, the long-awaited next chapter in Harlan T Bobo’s discography, will be released on Goner Records on August 5, 2022. Everything, and nothing, has changed: Bobo’s painfully sharp lyrics and graveled delivery are omnipresent. He still deals in unvarnished, uncomfortable truths about love. His wearied worldview, revered by his listeners, has further ossified on Porch Songs, which abounds with sad titles, worn out lyrics, and tunes about departed friends, such as “Fan,” which unravels Bobo’s memories of the late Shawn Cripps.

“I recorded these songs just to get them out of my head,” says Bobo. He cut 11 of the tracks that ultimately wound up on Porch Songs in a single day onto eight-track tape at Watt House, a rehearsal space in Perpignan, France. Perpignan has been home for more than a decade now, after rambling from Ohio to San Francisco to Memphis, with myriad layovers in between. And while they may have, as Bobo claims, “languished under his bed for years” – these 13 songs rank among the best he’s written. 

Anymore Than Me
Rachel's Arm
Rock Star
Another Heavy
Must Be In Memphis
Let Momma Sleep

Co-release with Beast Records.

RIP Shawn Cripps