Grit - s/t

Grit - s/t

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WHOA! HAIRY hard psych guitar attack!

First ever reissue of this ultra-rare acetate (two copies pressed) from 1972! 

Psychedelic hard-rock with furious drumming and stunning lead guitar by this unknown until now London based band. This, the first ever reissue, includes the four tracks from the original acetate (taken from the master tape) plus two bonus tracks taken from lo-fi, crude rehearsals: “1000 Miles” (A Grit original) and a killer demo version of “Mineshaft”. Born from the ashes of a London band called Merlyn, Grit consisted of Frank Martinez (lead guitar, vocals), Paul Christodoulou (bass/vocals),  Tom Kelly (drums, vocals) and Jeff Ball (vocalist). On Christmas Eve, 1972, Grit recorded a demo at SWM Studios and two copies of a one-sided 12” acetate were pressed for promo purposes. It featured four self penned songs: the killer “Mineshaft” (pure underground fuzz hard-rock) and two lengthy numbers: “Child and The Drifter” (with some furious drumming, stunning leads and hard-prog moves) and the hard-psychedelic “What Do You See In My Eyes” / “I Wish I Was”. 

Forty years later, one of the two copies of the original Grit acetate was found at a flea market in Germany, which led to its inclusion in the 7001 Record Collector Dreams book by famous collector Hans Pokora. The band still remained a mystery until 2019, when, by pure chance, Alex Carretero from Guerssen found Frank Martinez and he opened his vault, which included the original master tape of the Grit acetate and several tapes with rehearsals from Grit and Merlyn. So, we’re proud to present the first ever vinyl release of one the rarest artifacts from the UK 60s-70s underground scene, including an insert with rare photos / memorabilia and detailed liner notes.

 *Insert with detailed liner notes and photos. 

*Includes free download card with bonus tracks.