Grandmaster Masese - s/t LP [Dagoretti]

Grandmaster Masese - s/t LP [Dagoretti]

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Goddamn! Ordering more now because we'll sell the crap out of this.

Full length LP of Grandmaster Masese's obokano music featuring guest appearances by Kunal Prakash (Jeff the Brotherhood, Weather Warlock, Silver Synthetic), Samm Bennett (Elliot Sharp, etc), Mike List and Dave Sharp (Dr Pete Larson's Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band, Dave Sharp Worlds).

Seriously, when this started I got chills.

Limited edition of 100 copies

One of the last practicioners of the obokano / african lyre instrument, backed by some forward thinking musicians bringing traditional sounds into the future.

What the world could be... not WORLDBEAT. This thing breathes, and bleeds.  An unstoppable spirit!