Dynamite Hemorrhage #7

Dynamite Hemorrhage #7

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Another from our faves!

Dynamite Hemorrhage #7 is a 48-page, "digest-sized" music fanzine devoted to sub-underground rock music from the last six or so decades. It's an A5-sized issue with no advertisements. This issue features:

- A subjective issue-by-issue overview of FORCED EXPOSURE magazine, detailing this legendary underground music fanzine's early 80s beginnings through Issue #18 in 1993.

- An interview with experimental, blurred blues guitarist & singer BRIDGET HAYDEN, and a trip through her career with Vibracathedral Orchestra, The Telescopes and her own amazing solo recordings.

- SOFIE HERNER (of Neutral, Enhet För Fri Musik and her own solo project LEDA) interview, taking us through her travels through noise, experimentation and her own ferocious guitar work

- 2006 retrospective interview we did with Mike Atta of original SoCal punk pioneers THE MIDDLE CLASS, before he passed away in 2014

- Twenty of the best 1980s / 1990s garage punk 45s you'll ever hear, from the likes of The Brides, The Rondelles, Man Tee Mans, Nights and Days, Workdogs & many more

- The definitive, heretofore untold story of THE EX-LION TAMERS, a New Jersey WIRE cover band who ended up opening Wire's entire 1987 North American tour

- Twenty-something record reviews