Distort #57 - Low Life

Distort #57 - Low Life

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This one plucks at our heart strings! We love Low Life and having Christian's lyrics on paper sure helps us understand a few things. This sure is a nice glimpse into a life so far away from us. 


Feel It Says..

This is a collection of lyrics from Low Life songs over the past decade featuring tender photography from their close mate, archivist and documentarian Sam Stephenson. Low Life. Mitch Tolman has written lyrics that deserve to be read. They are brilliant in their horror and in their humour. Here they are.

Published June 2020 by Distort. This is Distort #57, part of an ongoing series of prayer books for modern plague. Half size US printing, 72 pages. 

Please note: The US version does not include any of the Australian-only extras (poster, sticker, envelope).