Cleo Sol - Rose in the Dark

Cleo Sol - Rose in the Dark

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SAULT member solo album on Sault's label, Forever Living Originals!


One Love 1:19
Why Don't You 3:48
Young Love 4:24
Rewind 2:23
Rose In The Dark 3:46
When I'm In Your Arms 5:35
Sideways 3:12
Butterfly 3:19
Sure Of Myself 3:38
I Love You 2:57
Her Light

 Cleo Sol is one of the voices singing behind the mysterious UK collective Sault who came out with maybe 2 of the best albums of 2020, imo. This pressing sounds surprisingly good--punchy instrumentation and great separation. The jacket is super heavy-duty, unbendable almost, like a 12 x 12 canvas panel. Mature songwriting that demands a few listens. An album that really grew on me. - internet review