Bishop Manning - Converted Mind

Bishop Manning - Converted Mind

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1970s recordings originally issued on the Su-Ann and Memorial labels and as various private releases / personal labels.
27 & 28 are late 60's recordings by The Gospel Four : Bishop Dready Manning, Marie Manning, Jenny Smith, Dot Smith

1 Manning Family Theme Song
2 Back In St. Matthew Days
3 I Am A Pilgrim
4 The Jealous Men And The Jealous Women
5 Help All The People Everywhere
6 Going Off Theme
7 The Lord Sent Brother John
8 Don't Let Satan Ride
9 The Gospel Train
10 What The People Gonna Do
11 Information Long Distance
Performer – Marie Manning
12 The People Don't Pray Like They Used To Pray
13 This Is Everybody's Song
14 Talk About Me
Performer – Marie Manning
15 What They Gonna Do
16 The Last Step
17 If You Miss Me
18 I Wanna Thank You Jesus
19 Something Inside Of Me
20 Back In Slavery Days
21 Count Of Your Deeds
Performer – Carolyn Manning
22 I Know You Been Good To Me
Performer – "Little" Paul Manning
23 You Don't Know What I've Been Through
24 I Thank You Jesus For Another Birthday
25 I Want To Shout At The Meeting
26 Somebody Is Calling My Name
27 Sit Down Servant
Band – The Gospel Four (6)
28 I Believe I'll Run On
Band – The Gospel Four (6)Performer – Marie Manning

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