ATLANTIS "I Ain't Got Time" 7"  [Just Add Water]

ATLANTIS "I Ain't Got Time" 7" [Just Add Water]

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There’s “obscure” and then there’s this record. This is simply ROCKIN’ HORSE, featuring gods JIMMY CAMPBELL and BILLY KINKSLEY, recording under a different name.

Their incredible Yes It Is LP completely flopped in 1971 and their label, Phillips Records, just didn’t want to know. They were still under contract as Rockin’ Horse so they got around that by releasing this single as "Atlantis" on their producer Hal Carter's Fury label in 1972. They should have sold these songs to JOHN LENNON because this smokes anything he was doing at the time yet sounds eerily just like him. Available for the first time since 1972.

300 black vinyl