Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - XXplosive / Burn'  7" [Big Crown]

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - XXplosive / Burn' 7" [Big Crown]

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Big Crown Records! Check out this overview and this single-by-single account by co-founder Danny Akelepse. Like Daptone Records, Big Crown has tapped into a classic soul sound without sounding phoney or like they're trying too hard. This is just solid soul in the grand tradition of soul... pushing the envelope a little, with all respect to the past. Great 45s to blow minds at home or in the club!

Dr. Dre’s “Xxxplosive” and the Mobb Deep song “Burn.”  

From Big Crown's Danny Akelepse:
Bacao are a steel band, and they had a version of 50 Cent’s “Pimp” that was out on [band leader] Björn Wagner’s own label, Mocambo. That shit is so fire. I was DJing it all the time and everybody thought it was a sample they used, but it was a cover. I was on tour DJing in Europe and I hit these guys up and wound up doing three or four gigs with them, driving around in a van playing the same venues