1-800-Mikey - Plushie LP
1-800-Mikey - Plushie LP

1-800-Mikey - Plushie LP

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Is it Power Pop for pop punks? Pop Punk for Nerves fans? Anyway, bass/keys genius Michael in Gee Tee has a one man project that kills. Some of the most exciting stuff we've heard in a while, mainly because this champ can write a track. "Plushie" has the same jump up and down energy as a Ramones record, but with a softer lean. Discussions of Snoopy, not wanting to leave your room, and other teeny-boppin' matters are the topic of discussion...er, topic of sing along, if you will.

Every track is memorable, to the point where, in 30 years, you will be questioning why you saved space for the lyrics to "O.Y.O" in your brain instead of recipes, Kant quotes, etc. Times tables out the window, replace with lyrics off this power-pop-punk record. It's good for you. 

Jay Reatard / Nobunny jams galore.

A1 Plushy 1:50
A2 Hold Me 1:32
A3 Pressure 1:16
A4 Bedsheets 1:07
A5 Big Boy World 1:33
A6 Hotline 1:14
B1 Snoopy 1:19
B2 My Room 1:16
B3 Claw Machine 1:46
B4 O.Y.O 1:52
B5 Pumpkin Pie 1:32
B6 Daydreamer 2:12
B7 Cat 1:23