V/A Illusion of Choice LP [Girlsville]

V/A Illusion of Choice LP [Girlsville]

***New jams from Sweeping Promises, Conditioner Disco Group, Germ House, Star Party, Hood Rats, Billiam, Neutrals, Life Forms,The Darling Buds, Friendzy, plus a few favorites from past Cassette-only Girlsville releases like "Christine" by The Myrmidons, "Almost 24" by The Prissteens, UK Gold's alternate Girlsville comp version of "Off Duty Nuns," UV-TV's "Severed Hand Revisited," and The Maxines "Honestly" are all here and available on vinyl for the first time ever.

Proceeds to benefit Feline Rescue, Inc.

"Girlsville is punk comp royalty"—Lars Gotrich (NPR Music)

(Portland, OR) Post Everything Downtown Disco Rhythm & Funk Treble Punk UK 78, NYC 81, SAN FRANCISCO 2002. Last recording as a full band.

(Lawrence, Kansas by-way-of Boston) Avant Pop. Angularity with Sharp Hooks, Dancing this mess around with Egyptian Shumba.

"Justin Hubbard’s solo project GERM HOUSE strikes a balance between earnest, lo-fi songwriting and bizarro erudite post-punk...Luke Henley, MAXIMUMROCKNROLL"

STAR PARTY (Seattle, WA)
Shambolic Noise Pop sounds like something that came out on Subway Organization or 53rd and 3rd Records circa 86-87.

HOOD RATS (Montreal, Québec)
The real deal - melt your face off punk rock. Music influenced by our dystopian present butting heads with some 80's Hardcore and a little 90's Rip Off Records. Always maximum shredding & guttural pissed off vocals. UV-TV (Queens, NY) Always brilliant Noise Pop favorites.

Garage Rock duo at their Girls In The Garage best with Kel Norman on vocals.

Demo from 1999 that I could not fit on their Girlsville compilation LP, and have always kinda regretted that! I figured this was my chance to rectify that situation.

LIFE FORMS (Falmouth, UK)
Catchy, Wavey Punk Pop. Buzzcocks ish? Charlie Murphy from Freak Genes is in this band.

FRIENDZY (Los Angeles, CA)
BOMP! style power pop bounce.

THE DARLING BUDS (Newport, South Wales, UK)

Indie Pop legends what more needs to be said? The Buds in top form here.

NEUTRALS (Oakland, CA)
Quirk punk with smarts and hooks ffo Television Personalities, Mekons, Wire

Members of Book Of Love and a former Prissteen make sparkling dance-floor ready synth pop.

UK GOLD (Olympia, WA)
"Their take on tense, aggressively dry post-punk is almost disarmingly straightforward" Erika Elizabeth, MAXIMUMROCKNROLL

BILLIAM (Melbourne, Australia)
Biting hilarious quirky and hyperactive synth punk jam.