Sun Ra - Space Is The Place: 40th Anniversary Edition

Sun Ra - Space Is The Place: 40th Anniversary Edition

Amazing combination 125 page hardbound book with DVD of the film 'Space Is The Place' and a CD version of the soundtrack. The ultimate gift for the Sun Ra fanatic! 

“Harte Recordings is proud to announce the release of the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Sun Ra's Space Is The Place. This limited edition release will include a hardcover book, a DVD of the film with new producer commentary, and a CD of the soundtrack. It was forty years ago when Sun Ra's epic Space Is The Place was released to theaters around the USA. Space Is The Place is a movie beyond explanation.”

- Restored versions of both the original cut of Space Is The Place and the uncut version (both with remixed sound by Gary Hobish)
- New DVD commentary from producer Jim Newman
- Sun Ra & Arkestra home movies

- Essays from screenplay writer Seth Hill and director John Coney
- Forward by Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips
- Interview with Ray Johnson (who played the Overseer in the film)
- Comments about the film from Arkestra members Marshall Allen and Danny Thompson
- Dozens of never-seen-before photos, taken on and off set during the filming of the movie
- Over 40 pages of commentary

- Soundtrack with two additional tracks added that were never present on the soundtrack release, but are in the film

DVD-1 Space Is The Place: Original Version
DVD-2 Space Is The Place: Uncut Version
CD-1 It's After The End Of The World 3:28
CD-2 Under Different Stars 3:58
CD-3 Discipline 33 3:24
CD-4 Watusa 7:14
CD-5 Calling Planet Earth 3:07
CD-6 I Am The Alter-Destiny 1:12
CD-7 Satellites Are Spinning 2:35
CD-8 Cosmic Forces 3:11
CD-9 Outer Spaceways Incorporated 3:03
CD-10 We Travel The Spaceways 2:31
CD-11 The Overseer 3:08
CD-12 Blackman / Love In Outer Space 16:55
CD-13 Mysterious Crystal 5:55
CD-14 I Am The Brother Of The Wind 5:56
CD-15 We'll Wait For You 4:15
CD-16 Space Is The Place 4:29
CD-17 Jimmy Fe Interviews Ra 2:05
CD-18 Sonny Ray At Nightclub 2:26