Sam Burnett - Foreign Teachers book

Sam Burnett - Foreign Teachers book

Okay, it says SAM WADE on the cover but this is our main man SAM BURNETT of the Oscars! Writing his own book on the subject of, well, you guessed it, gummi bears! Nope, just kidding, it's about being an English Teacher in a foreign country. Sam's got a great eye, has gotten out of Memphis and has taught in China for the past 10 years. I say check it out!

Softbound, 150 pages.

Reviews are in!

"An engaging story... moves with momentum from the first page ... The description is colorful... While generally humorous, the high spirits belie a darker undercurrent." - BlueInk Review

"A resonant novel about an East-West culture clash, seen through the eyes of a crude expat who has flashes of wit and insight." - Foreword Clarion Reviews

"Hilarious and brutal... best for readers who are not easily offended... Wade creates humor with serious topics... will go down well with a chilled drink" - Manhattan Book Review, 5 Star Rating

Westerners Andy Dutton and Danny Cole teach English in China. Despite being unqualified, and because of the passports they carry, they have high salaries and special social statuses. These undue privileges have corrupted both of them. They act superior, drink excessively and visit brothels.

The school where they work has a reputation for being a fake. The principal, Peter Li, wants to transform the school into one with an elite global reputation. His plan involves getting the school accredited by the International Diploma Organization. To meet accreditation requirements, he begins the process of replacing the likes of Andy and Danny with real professional teachers, like Glenn Whitman.

Glenn, however, turns out to be troublesome. He draws attention to academic malpractices at the school and demands reform, or else threatens to jeopardize the school’s accreditation by the IDO.