Opossums  - S/T

Opossums - S/T

Excellent LP courtesy of Memphis' Black & Wyatt Records. Featuring the songsmithing of Patrick Jordan who you may know from his previous work with Lost Sounds and Data Drums. For fans of Wipers, Nerves and wiry tight power-pop riffs. 

"Formed during the summer of 2018, Opossums is the brainchild of Patrick Jordan (Vocals, Guitar). The band was created to put a new spin on Jordan’s previously released lo-fi home 4-track recordings. To do so, Mississippi transplants Jesse Mansfield (Bass, Production) and Liv Hernandez (Drums) were recruited to give the songs a more immediate “live” feel. To date, they have released two mini albums of punchy, concise “garage pop” songs and one full length LP on Memphis- based label Black & Wyatt Records collecting their favorite cuts from the two. The long history of Memphis power pop, punk rock, and garage rock is a pronounced influence on their music, as well as British Invasion, 60’s psych nuggets, and breakneck English punk rock. They cut to the chase by plugging straight in, recording live to tape at home, minimizing overdubs, and keeping songs relatively unembellished. They are currently touring around the southeast region of the country." - Black & Wyatt