Mark Hollis - s/t

Mark Hollis - s/t

A genuine 'lost classic' reissued on heavyweight vinyl, re-mastered at Abbey Road

Original artwork – printed inner sleeve, lyrics and credits

"A sound whose ambience is as natural as breathing"

Includes download card

The only solo album by former Talk Talk frontman Mark Hollis, released January 1998.

Despite being released as a solo album by Hollis, it was originally intended to be credited to Talk Talk, under the name Mountains of the Moon. A beautiful and haunting work, this album picks up where he left off with Talk Talk's Laughing Stock seven years before, re-emerging with a suite of music that encompassed jazz, ambient, and folk. His inspiration came not from pop but 20th-century classical music and jazz from the late fifties and sixties (there is a distinct flavor of Miles Davis - In A Silent Way here) and is one of the quietest and most intimate records ever made - creating an exceptional atmosphere in which the listener can submerge.

The Colour Of Spring 3:52
Watershed 5:45
Inside Looking Out 6:21
The Gift 4:22
A Life (1895 - 1915) 8:10
Westward Bound 4:18
The Daily Planet 7:19
A New Jerusalem 6:49