Erik Nervous - Bugs

Erik Nervous - Bugs

NEW! More FranticWave from Erik Nervous. We love him! Great set at Gonerfest 19...  the heir to Jay Reatard's fast tight punk / pop... ala Blood Visions w/synths!

ROCKIN!  Check it out! Sounds amazing on LP!

Erik says:

This should have been finished way sooner than this. I'm sorry. Fans of the big "BUGS!" logo on the other thing, fear not! That's gonna be the back cover.

Originally released December 4, 2020

All music written, performed, & engineered by Erik, except:
"Bugs!" written by Crystal Hart, featuring Alyssa Hart on guest vocals
"Wrong Weird" features MJ Epperson on Moog synthesizers
"Piss Eyed Sleazoid" originally written by Da Slyme
"Instant This Instant That" originally written by Taste Test/TWINART

Front cover collages by Ben Lyon, layout by Erik.