Celia Mancini - The Celia Mancini Tapes [Leap Decade, NZ]

Celia Mancini - The Celia Mancini Tapes [Leap Decade, NZ]

Brand new sealed  limited edition (300 copies) album from 2019... any copies make it to the US til now? I haven't seen 'em.

Celia passed away at age 50, a legend.

With King Loser, Axel Grinders, Stepford 5, Snapper, Mothertrucker, After Dinner Mints, and Celia's own songs.

From Leap Decade:

The Celia Mancini Tapes is a compilation album of highlights from Celia's personal cassette collection, recorded between the period 1988-98, sourced from 4-track demos, practice room jams and cassette-dubs from long-lost studio session reels. In early January 2017, I helped Celia to collect the tapes from random storage locations that she had stashed them in decades previously, including dusty closets, car-boots, crumbling boxes etc, and then by mid-2017, around 200 of the cassettes had been digitised.

Celia was a well-known New Zealand underground rock musician, and when she sadly passed away at the age of 50 in September 2017, permission from the family was secured to compile a memorial album, to be pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies, (vinyl-only).

  1. Celia Mancini - Torpedo Wave 
  2. The After Dinner Mints - Sunny 
  3. Celia Mancini - Donny 
  4. Celia Mancini - The Yellow and Purple Dress 
  5. The Stepford 5 - Stolen Heart
  6. King Loser - Hammond Fu 
  7. Celia Mancini - New Spy Theme Outro 
  8. Snapper - Bad Girl (Lock & Load demo) 
  9. Celia Mancini - Celia Goes Into The Void
  10. Celia Mancini - Wordless Control
  11. The Axel Grinders - Time To Die
  12. Mothertrucker - Mistress Christmas