Cages - A World In A Song

Cages - A World In A Song

A woman commits suicide, dies, lives, is placed in a coma, gets pneumonia, pulls out of it, and organizes a performance in a cathedral with 30+ musicians for a piece she'd written based on sights and sounds she had in her death experience. That's what this record is, and it's really wonderful. A unique aural experience from someone who touched the other side, which renders this LP a slight historic, no? Here's what the artist has to say: 

A statement from Nola Ranallo:

“I was in an abusive relationship in which I endured for several years. Overwhelmed and reinforced, my mind deteriorated. I was declining in an infinite cycle I allowed. My brain had ceased from processing logic. To many others around me, I did not appear recognizable. I felt trapped in a tiny space. No one could find me, hear me or help me. I disappeared. I could not help myself. On May 8 2018 I took my own life. Anoxic for nearly 20 minutes. I experienced clinical death. My heart stopped. I was placed in a medically induced coma for close to a week. On life support, intubated. My body, in a hypothermic state. A punctured lung, unstable vitals and in hospital contracted pneumonia. It was not determined whether I would wake from my coma or not. In my death experience I heard music. The music initiated life. I returned to this life. “A World In Song” is the music I heard in the velvet blue tunnel with tiny stars. Translucent figures of light reaching out to me, bright cloaks, thin fingers, smiling warmly, singing to me, holding me safe inside their song.

The intention of this release is to provide great love. “A World In Song” transformed tragedy and overcame it. The music built me. I have experienced a test of a person’s true character, one’s will to live. I want people to realize that we each affect each other. I would like to share my resilience to inspire other people. Now is not the time to hide. It is time to share so that I can reach you. You who are contemplating ending your own life. I hope to wake you from your sleep. Wake others who judge from fear or ignorance. Wake others who hurt others. Ignite a new path with the force of music. I intend on using my story to serve as a turning point for those who listen and consider. Through “A World In Song”, we were able to work together like a family to create the most important and beautiful music of a lifetime. I have hope that people all over the world will open themselves to this music, more importantly open a new path within themselves. I hope for all to wake up and transcend.”


CAGES played last year after singer Nola Ranallo’s suicide, clinical death, coma, and arduous but positively life changing recovery. They wrote a 2 hour piece titled "A World In Song" just for that performance and made a very positive and healing event out of it in an effort to raise awareness about domestic abuse and the availability of crisis services. It was immense. 30+ performers in a beautiful cathedral venue in the heart of Buffalo, a meal, music, mental health and trauma speakers, information table, an Andrew M. McKenzie quadraphonic sound installation, a massive textile installation and special wardrobe by Gabrielle Duggan, live recording and best of all, totally free to the public. All made possible by generous support from participants, friends and the good citizens of Buffalo. A beautiful coalescence in support of a worthy cause. The feeling in the room was otherworldly, alive... and rather warm.