Byron Coley - Father Yod's Kitchen Cookbook

Byron Coley - Father Yod's Kitchen Cookbook

From Byron Coley's kitchen! In the spirit (sorta!) of the Goner cookbook, here's a more pro dude giving more pro recipes, laced with great Byron stories throughout.

With contributions from Steve Albini, Bill Cance, Kim Gordon, J. Mascis, Lili Dwight, Alan Bishop, Kristin Andrews, Damon Krukowski, and many more!

196 Pages. Design by Naomi Yang.


From Feeding Tube:

In the spirit of community cookbooks through the ages, this collection of recipes involves simple techniques and common ingredients. In this instance, the community represented is the musical sub-underground of Western Massachusetts. Mr. Coley is a home cook, whose professional restaurant experience mostly involves dishwashing. But over the last quarter century he has fed family, friends and large events at his house, the Yod Space in Florence MA, and various other places. Accompanied by his own commentary, as well as that of those who have et his vittles, this book should be as useful as reading material in the bathroom, as it is for instruction in the kitchen.