Power Supply - In the Time of the Sabre Tooth Tiger

Power Supply - In the Time of the Sabre Tooth Tiger



Deceptively simple, unbridled, skewed genius pop rock. My dream bill of the moment has these guys, Thigh Master, and Michael Beach bashing out the hits.
And, yeah, I know, Beach contributes to the world famous touring juggernaut of the beloved Thigh Master....
Just how much do I love Thigh Master and Power Supply??? Consult my 16 volume encyclopedia of limericks honoring these charming Aussie punks. It's no "There once was a girl from Reno" who winds up "owning the casino" - but perhaps my passion for these bands would be better served by sweaty, impassioned love sonnets?
Those digging the Modern Lovers minefield of melody, Feelies strum and guitar leads, and Beat Happening's poetic swagger must make this Power Supply their own. ESSENTIAL. - CONRAD NYSTROM, Peer Platters fb group...

From an early correspondence:
This is a bold move for you to sign a brand new band who’ve never done anything before, not even played a single show. And you’ve never heard our music either. Is it our extremely handsome countenance?

To be honest, it played a large part! Judge for yourself!

Power Supply - Goner Records / Anti Fade Records / photo by Matt Weston

After the demise of the Ooga Boogas in the Before Time, the four band members went their very separate ways. Being in that band was such an intense high pressure experience, some chillax time was well-deserved.

Stacky recorded under the name Leon, Per joined Voice Imitator, Mikey recorded with The Green Child and Rich played in Drug Sweat. All quite deserving projects, but it was Leon's solo outing that garnered the most interest from public and industry alike. The demand for live shows led Leon to recruit Per from Ooga Boogas and a guy named Brad into his touring lineup.

The trio was red hot, but inevitably the venues they filled required a fuller sound so Leon recruited Mikey from Ooga Boogas on second guitar. The gruelling touring schedule became too much for family-man Brad, so Rich from Ooga Boogas jumped in to fill his size 11s and off they went for another lap of regional Victoria.

Eventually the question presented itself to this freshly-minted foursome: should they continue as Leon's backing band or strike out anew with a fresh identity? The answer came in a moniker too electrifying to resist; a name as clever, enigmatic and indeed, as powerful as the band itself. Power Supply.

Back in the shed, jams became songs, jokes became lyrics and long afternoons spent together became the record you're now half-listening to while you yearn for your inbox. Listen though, and you'll hear life through the lens of Leon and the tactile tentacles of his pals. In The Time of the Sabre-toothed Tiger contains ten songs that listen so easy, you'll barely notice when they're gone.

Out from October 22nd through Anti Fade in Australia and Goner in the USA.

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1    The Land of the Fire
    Let's Do This and Let's Do That
    Infinity and 90
    I've Got Feelings Too :(
    Swimming in a Bathful of Ghosts
    Conservative Instincts
    Time of the Sabre-Toothed Tiger
Acid Rain