Billups Allen - Cramhole #7: Among These Dark Blueberry Mills

Billups Allen - Cramhole #7: Among These Dark Blueberry Mills

This issue of Cramhole begins a three-story arc about aliens who stumble across aliens trying to take over the world. 

You may think Earth is in bad shape, but there are two alien species that would love to have it.

Written and drawn by Cramhole creator and weekend Goner clerk Billups Allen, Among These Dark Blueberry Mills is his first long-form sci-fi effort.

#8: Among These Dark Blueberry Mills 2 is in the works and slated for Winter '24.

Billups Allen spent his formative years in and around the Washington D.C. punk scene. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a creative writing major and a film minor. He has worked in seven different record stores around the country and currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee where he works for Goner Records, publishes Cramhole zine, contributes music and movie writing regularly to Razorcake, Ugly Things, and Lunchmeat magazines, and writes fiction. (,