Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Love For The Sake Of Dub / Grilled  7" [Big Crown]

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Love For The Sake Of Dub / Grilled 7" [Big Crown]

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Big Crown Records! Check out this overview and this single-by-single account by co-founder Danny Akelepse. Like Daptone Records, Big Crown has tapped into a classic soul sound without sounding phoney or like they're trying too hard. This is just solid soul in the grand tradition of soul... pushing the envelope a little, with all respect to the past. Great 45s to blow minds at home or in the club!

From Big Crown's Danny Akelepse:
Bacao are a steel band, and they had a version of 50 Cent’s “Pimp” that was out on [band leader] Björn Wagner’s own label, Mocambo. That shit is so fire. I was DJing it all the time and everybody thought it was a sample they used, but it was a cover. I was on tour DJing in Europe and I hit these guys up and wound up doing three or four gigs with them, driving around in a van playing the same venue

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band, who are infamous at this point for their vast and flawless catalog of 7"s, put yet more points on the board with this unstoppable two-sider. The A side is what is known in the DJ world as a "get out of jail free card", meaning if the party isn't going well, put this on and voila!!! It’s a party again. BRSB cover Claudja Barry's mid-tempo disco classic "Love For The Sake Of Love" which they flip into a dubby steel pan affair and aptly retitle "Love For The Sake Of Dub". A punching drum break starts the record and all bets are off when the melody comes in on the pans.The B side "Grilled" is a BRSB original composition that is as they say "cooking with grease". An African funk inspired tune with two drummers that give it a wildstyle energy that is sure to burn up dances around the world.