V/A - GTRRC Vol 3 2XLP [Legless, Australia]

V/A - GTRRC Vol 3 2XLP [Legless, Australia]

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"Good Times Rock n Roll Comp"

MUST HAVE for fans of this lunatic energy brought on by GEE TEE and RESEARCH REACTOR CORP and other Aussie legends tearing it up right now!

With Satanic Togas, Prison Affair, D.D. Deth, M.A.Z.E., Cavemen, Tube Alloys, and all your friends!

Pure insanity.


47 Different bands from all over the globe getting together to cover rock & roll's most demented hits!

Curated by members of Gee Tee and Research Reactor Corp. This is a one time only pressing of 300 copies in the U.S.