Ivander - Inferno 1978

Ivander - Inferno 1978

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Solid N.W.O.B.H.M.-style metal from Watertown, TN. 

 Heavy Metal band from Tamaulipas, Mexico. Ivander is the new project of Aireard's drummer Aldebarán Muñoz in communion with Iván Robinsón, this album is a heavy metal masterpiece, but I don't know if this is a project or if it will consolidate as a formal band, what is a fact is that this is the best Melodic and fine Heavy Metal album that has been released in Mexico so far in 2021, and the truth is, what I say is undeniable.


2021 limited press debut full-length album by the newly formed Mexican band by the former band AIREARD, who had released a metal album! If you have ever listened to AirEard from Tampico, this new proposal will be familiar to you and if not, here is the link to Space "One", elegant and classic Heavy Metal made in Tamaulipas.Ivander's proposal goes along the path of classic heavy metal, fine and elegant (repeating for the umpteenth time), the voice is not the typical high-pitched voice but rather, the vocalist does not strive to scream but to intonate the notes well and give more finesse to the music. The album is made up of 10 tracks and believe me, none of them will leave you wanting.Album recorded at Highwayman Studios in Tennessee, USA.

Line Up:

Cara Ray - Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Lead Vocals - See also: Aireard, ex-Chaos
Aireard Aldebarán Muñoz - drums - See also: Aireard, ArtWar, ex-Crónicas, ex-Cygnus, ex-Pyrophoric (live), Warkult


production - Ivan Robinson Garcia
Executive Producer – José Luis Kobayashi López


01. Inferno 1978
02. I Bring the Hell
03. Resurrection of my Soul
04. Ecstasy Of Gold
05. Another Kind Of Hell
06. Metal Escape
07. Strong and Free
08. Queens on Fire
09. Thunder God
10. You are my Home