Sonny Vincent & The Bad Reactions - Replica 7" (Trend Is Dead)

Sonny Vincent & The Bad Reactions - Replica 7" (Trend Is Dead)

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Classic Sonny with Josh from Carbonas... mixed by Dave Rahn!

Sonny Vincent has maybe made more great records than anyone other than maybe MOTO, Merle Haggard, and Sun Ra.

Hand-numbered out  of 100 copies... some corners  little crunched. Rare!



Sonny Vincent is a survivor of the '77 New York punk scene, the scorching guitarist/singer/songwriter from bands like Testors, Sonny Vincent with Members of Rocket From The Crypt and Model Prisoners. He has fronted two all-star groups of punk & independent musicians: Shotgun Rationale (ex-Dead Boys, The Replacements, Hüsker Dü) and Sonny Vincent and His Rat Race Choir (The Stooges, Dead Boys, The Damned). Sonny also spent 9 years in the studio and on the road with The Velvet Underground's Maureen Tucker, and is a successful solo artist in his own right.

Mr. Vincent has assembled a new posse that was carefully selected from the ranks of young punks that grew up listen- ing to the songs he wrote and recorded. Sonny caught drummer Luis Herrera pounding away on tour for Sorrows; Luis has been on permanent loan ever since. Next was Josh Martin on guitar, whose credits include Carbonas, Ex- Humans, Foster Care and Beat Beat Beat. Josh brought in his friend and fellow band member from Beat Beat Beat/ Ex-Humans, Jon the bass player...thus, Sonny Vincent and The Bad Reactions was birthed.

During a day off from their smash/bang Stateside tour, Sonny Vincent and The Bad Reactions wrote and recorded three songs for their debut record. Two fifth-degree burners on the A side: "Replica" kicks things off with a swift kick in the teeth, then "Stare Down" continues an audial assault that doesn't stop until the needle is lifted. Flip the disk over and you'll find a darker, desperate number titled "Jokers And Clowns," which finishes off a bad-assed, violent and foreboding slice of vinyl.

- Sonny Vincent, living legend of the original punk movement, from bands like Testors, Sonny Vincent & The Extreme, The Dons and so many others it would take a two-sheet
- Sonny's handpicked hit squad is rounded out by players from Carbonas, Sorrows, Beat Beat Beat,Ex-Humans and more
- Recorded by Paul Kostabi at Thunderdome Recording Studios (his client list also includes Cults, Jayne County, Willowz, Sylvain Sylvain)
- Mixed by Dave Rahn (Gentleman Jesse, Predator, Carbonas)
- recently completed a four-week US tour; European dates in November/December
- includes download code