Gary Wilson - Feel The Beat
Gary Wilson - Feel The Beat

Gary Wilson - Feel The Beat

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2012 album from our mystery man Gary Wilson.

Weird, jazzy, awkward soul... yep!

We love it!

We procured these from a gentleman who said that the label had no idea how to sell a record and was dumping them all.

We will not stand for this! We love Gary Wilson's weird world and rescued a few copies from the righteous savior.

You know who loves Gary Wilson?

AWFM does.

So there ya go.

A1 Why Did You Kiss Me? 0:48
A2 My Dream Is Yours 2:58
A3 My Eyes Are Closed 3:33
A4 Gary Took A Walk 4:06
A5 Gary Fell In Love With Linda Last Night 2:32
A6 Your Smile Makes Me Happy 1:13
A7 Feel The Beat 3:05
A8 Something Came To Me 2:58
B1 Let's Rock And Roll 3:28
B2 Stephanie Was Crying In The Rain 2:26
B3 I Can See Cindy Standing There 3:37
B4 Lugene Kissed Me Last Night 1:39
B5 Where Did You Go? 3:49
B6 Cheryl Kissed Gary 3:13
B7 I Live On Bermond Avenue 3:40
B8 Why Did You Kiss Me? (2)