Guitar Wolf - Black Leather Bomb - Live At Wwwx LP [Music Mine]

Guitar Wolf - Black Leather Bomb - Live At Wwwx LP [Music Mine]

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Blistering live set from our heroes GUITAR WOLF!

LIVE is where it's at with GUITAR WOLF, and this album shows off their power, glory, and true Rock n Roll Hearts!

For Billy & Toru and all GUITAR WOLF FANS everywhere!


Guitar Wolf's last live album recorded on March 11th, 2023 at WWWX in Shibuya, Tokyo is finally read to roll!

An album, truly worthy to be preserved permanently in all rock’n roll households!

1.Planet Of The Wolves 04:54
2.Kaminari One 01:45
3.JETT LOVE 01:49
4.Red Rockabilly 03:45
5.Sparkle Baby 03:34
6.Planet Heart 02:47
7. Refrigerator Zero 03:33
8. Space Battleship Love 05:30
9. Jet Generation 03:55
10. “Can”-nana Fever 01:58
11. Fujiyama Attack 02:26
12. LOVE&JETT 02:55
13. Roaring Blood 05:15

released May 14, 2024

This live album is a recording of the last live performance by Drumwolf (Toru)’s with the band. The concert was held at WWWX in Shibuya on March 11th, 2023 and includes 13 of the songs that they played at this gig.

It is the last memorial live performance for Toru, the bedrock of Guitarwolf for many years and will be permanently etched on vinyl. This is a must record that fans need to get hold of, as it is the live recording of the band's latest performance featuring many of their classic songs.

Guitar Wolf have been expanding their horizons of their activities in recent years, including an appearance at the Shimane Jet festival, and they hope you can appreciate the pure joy of their universal rock 'n' roll vibes on vinyl that might be too hot for the whole world to handle!

Seiji (Guitarwolf): Lead Vocals, Guitar
GOTZ (Basswolf): Bass, Vocals
Shingo (Drumwolf): Drum Note: Joined the band in 2022

Real-life rock ’n’roll super heroes that rock fans all over Japan continue to admire. While creating numerous legendary myths in the 1990s, being unique beyond comparison, they continue to consistently blare out their spontaneity to the present day,

The band's unusually extreme and bombastic sound amplifies the embryonic impulses of rock 'n' roll, while Seiji's lyrics mix words that evoke the 'universe' and the 'Showa era' with his own unique sense of humor. In their relentless pursuit of a style that has remained unchanged since the band's formation, the music that the three members who don their entire bodies in black leather play, emits power that transcends time and space. While doing so, they continue to gain enthusiastic fans from all over the world.

Formed in 1987, the original members, Seiji and Billy (bass, vocals) and Toru who joined the band later, started their musical activities together and released their debut album "Wolf Rock" in 1993 from the Memphis-based Goner Records. Later, they signed to Matador Records, one of the leading indie labels in the USA. They also made their major label debut in 1997 with the album, “Wolf Planet" on Ki/oon Records/ Sony Music in Japan.

They have released 12 albums to date. The band has also continued to tour energetically around the world, not only in Japan but also in the US, EU countries, Australia and South America. Billy suddenly passed away in 2005. After having two mighty support casts, U.G. and Hikaru, GOTZ (Gotz) joined the band in 2018 as the new bass wolf. Also, Toru who had been with the band as drum wolf for many years left in 2022 and the band is now more energetically active with their new drum wolf, Shingo.

Releases on Matador Records, Ki/oon Records/ Sony Music Japan