V/A - Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 1
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V/A - Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol. 1

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[Sahel Sounds]

"A compilation of the most popular music circulating the Sahara desert on the unofficial network of cellphones -- where mp3s are stored, played, and traded in very literal peer to peer bluetooth transfers. The contemporary West African sound from the new school of DIY production with little or no commercial release outside of their locales, from spaced out Tuareg Autotune, Ivorian Club Jams, Mauritanian Synth, and Malian Hip Hop electro. Collected from memory cards by and released on cassette, the vinyl comes after a years plus of tracking down the composers."

Group Anmataff - Tinarwen 6:16
Yeli Fuzzo - Abandé 3:31
Amanar - Alghafiat 6:37
Negib Ould Ngainich - Guetna 1:14
Papito Ft. Iba One - Yereyira 4:48
Mdou Moctar - Tahoultine 5:37
Kaba Blon - Moribiyassa 3:40
Joskar Et Flamzy - Faroter 5:27
Bayta Ag Bay - Aicha 6:08