Total Hell - s/t 12" ep REPRESS - Blood Red Color Vinyl!
Total Hell - s/t 12" ep REPRESS - Blood Red Color Vinyl!

Total Hell - s/t 12" ep REPRESS - Blood Red Color Vinyl!

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First batch went FAST!

New raw Thrash Metal band with Drew Owen pounding skins, John Henry on the low end, Jason "Panzer" Craft slinging riffs and Michael He-Man shredding through the maelstrom. Massive enough for Metal, rough enough for the punks. 

This album is aka "Clones From Hell" but the band decided they hated that name. So call it what you want... it rips.

By way of some cosmic miracle, only one “Total Hell” pops up when the band moniker is searched on Discogs. And that would be the band responsible for the 5-song blast of heavy metal sounds at hand. Now active for about two years plus change and exported from the very metal and punk fertile New Orleans, Total Hell is DD Deth (aka Drew Owen...Sick Thoughts wheelman, Trampoline Team etc) on drums/vocals, Henry Hell (John Henry of Static Static, Heavy Lids) on bass/vocals, and guitarists Jason “Panzer” Craft (Persuaders, Tirefire) and Michael Maniac (Michael He-man of Trampoline Team). 


If self deprecation is beyond your processing skills, then please know that as self-described purveyors of the “New Wave of Shitty Heavy Metal”, Total Hell’s big-boy debut is not “shitty” in any manner whatsoever. 

These four recordings (“Desecrate”, “Clones From Hell”, “Violator”, and “Disfigured”) are melodic monstrosities that hit with a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling hugeness, while doing so in an economical manner. There will be no mistaking this for Broken Bones screeching out of an iPhone inside the vegan squat. On the flip, this is no Bob Rock joint. DD Deth elaborates: “Recorded on a Tascam 8-track cassette live at home (aka “The Parkway”) by Michael He-Man and the process was a nightmare. Original tape crapped out on us back in early 2020 so we had to redo the whole thing. Intros and interludes were done last minute by me with the cheapest midi keyboard on the net." Well color us impressed.

You might get momentarily lost in the cavernous drums that introduce opener “Desecrate”, but soon the buzzsaw riff wall will crush you into a smudge on your bathroom floor. Without rocking some safety goggles and diving headfirst down a terminology rabbithole, this is punk jumping into the sack with metal and leaving black boots on the bedroom floor rather than white hightops. Xmas came early for fans of Anti-Cimex, Celtic Frost, pre-shit Discharge, Motorhead, Blitz, Midnight, Venom, Broken Bones and you get the picture.