Michael Beach - EP 2022 12" EP RED VINYL [Goner Records]

Michael Beach - EP 2022 12" EP RED VINYL [Goner Records]

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Latest from Melbourne sensation MICHAEL BEACH!

Co-Release with Poison City, Australia.

Goner Red Vinyl Exclusive!


Following the highly acclaimed album “Dream Violence” (2021) and the recent LP re-issue of his modern underground classic ‘Gravity/ Repulsion’, Michael Beach has announced a new self-titled 12”/ EP, to be released Sep 30 via Goner & Poison City Records.

Recorded during the winter of 2021, the new record is made up of both 8-track tape and full studio recordings, interspersed with experimental, moody interludes, and features Beach's Australian bandmates Bonnie Mercer (guitar), Peter Warden (drums) and Carla Oliver (bass) throughout. The EP’s stunning closer “Only A Memory” is a collaboration with Lloyd Swanton of renowned Australian minimalist trio The Necks, recorded in NSW's Blue Mountains.

“Out in a Burning Alley,” the EP’s lead single, combines Beach’s soulful abstracted lyrics over two minutes and fifty eight seconds of blazing garage-rock, where the sounds of the Melbourne and Oakland/Bay Area underground collide. The track is accompanied by a video from Melbourne director Alex Millen who has recently worked with Melbourne’s EXEX and Modal Melodies.

In support of the upcoming EP and recent “Dream Violence” album, Beach will be returning to tour the US in September/ October, headlining dates on the East & West coast and performing at the iconic Gonerfest in Memphis, TN. The touring outfit will also feature Beach’s long time collaborator Utrillo Kushner (Comets On Fire/ Personal and The Pizzas) on drums.

“The blues-infused arrangements show Beach's sharp skills as a writer and musician. He cites inspiration from classics across the history of rock and roll, distilling their spirit into guitar-led gems entirely his own.” - RRR Album Of The Week (Dream Violence)

“Existential dread exorcised through heady guitar rockers and intimate ballads.” 4/5 NME

“Flare and discord marry and scuttle about in the midst of it all, creating this maniacal rocker burdened by its desire for pop sensibility. You can’t go wrong turning this one up real loud!” - Austin Town Hall