Donnas - The Donnas

Donnas - The Donnas

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REPRO of one of the greatest albums ever. on DONNA RECORDS...


LP and singles originally on Super-Teem.

Ramones-mania as practiced by Bay Area rocker girls, perhaps under the tutelage of Darin Rafaelli of Supercharger.

Perhaps not!

A1 Hey, I'm Gonna Be Your Girl
A2 Let's Go Mano
A3 Teenage Runaway
A4 Lana & Stevie
A5 I'm Gonna Make Him Mine (Tonight)
A6 Huff All Night
A7 I Don't Wanna Go
A8 We Won't Go
A9 Friday Fun
A10 Everybody's Smoking Cheeba
A11 Get Rid Of That Girl
A12 Drive In

B1 Do You Wanna Go Out With Me
B2 Rock 'N' Roll Boy
B3 High School Yum Yum
B4 Boy Like You
B5 Let's Rab
B6 Let's Go Mano
B7 Last Chance Dance
B8 I Wanna Be A Unabomber
B9 Do Doo Ron Ron
B10 I Don't Wanna Go To School
B11 I Don't Wanna Rock 'N' Roll Tonight