Goner Check Ins #1 - We're All In This Together

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(GNN) Coronavirus chronicles, featuring Guitar Wolf, The Cavemen, Eric & Arthur, Jasper, and Kelly & Jody. We hope you are healthy and staying safe. While we've been isolated, the "of the moment" social media just seems to keep us apart and anxious. We're all here, trying to get work done or at least stay sane or  as everything has ground to a halt. We're stuck in our homes doing what we can to get through this. We thought we'd have people check in with Goner to let everyone know that they're out there doing it, too. We're all in this thing together. Hopefully it helps.

ERIC & ARTHUR Grinding Away (at some cheese!)

JASPER EL SALVAJE checks in from Amsterdam with some hope on handling the isolation...

THE CAVEMEN offer some culinary tips from their kitchen:

JODY & KELLY check in from Los Angeles:

and finally GUITAR WOLF delivers some News re: The Wolf Virus:

More Check Ins Coming!

If you want to make a video, send it in! Can't guarantee we'll use anything, but we would love to see what you're up to. Show us your neighborhood! Play us a song. Shoot it over to Gonernews@gmail.com.


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